No. Not anymore.

A lot of people — even people I care about and respect — call for we liberals to reach out and bridge the divide with the people who voted for Trump.

Fuck that.

As long as I can remember many of these people have called me and people like me sinful and evil because we support equality for all people, including members of the LGBT community. We have been called enemies of the country because we favor dealing with undocumented persons in our country humanely and finding a way to support them here. We have been called weak-headed liberals who enable lazy people who just don’t want to find a decent job with health insurance.

Worst of all, we have been called baby-killers repeatedly and emphatically  (underscored by violence, up to and including murder) because we support a woman’s right, in consultation with her doctor and her own conscience, to determine whether and when she will bear children.

We did not create this divide, they did. They damn well can bridge it. I am tired as hell of being told it is my responsibility to reach out to people who have spent far too much time over the past decade sneering at me.

They have to change first. Respect is a street that runs both ways.

They’re not going to walk down that street. If by some miracle they do, I’m willing to meet them in the middle. Until then, the only metaphorical streets they’ll see me on will be ones I’ll be marching down. With my compadres, holding signs.


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2 Responses to No. Not anymore.

  1. Rainy says:

    So with you in this sentiment.

  2. Sarah says:

    Yeah, we didn’t burn down the bridges, cave in the tunnels, and burn all the rope within a day’s drive.

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