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Logic, schmogic.

An open letter to the privileged Texas Senator I heard on NPR today. You are not very bright, sir. The NPR story was about a Texas county sheriff who has taken the position that she won’t turn anyone over to ICE … Continue reading

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And that, children, is why I went to law school.

It started with a road, and a neighborhood. I’ve been interested in historic preservation for most of my adult life. It’s a passion, really, arising out of my experience growing up in an area that was in the process of trashing … Continue reading

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“What do you call that hairstyle?” “Arthur.”

February: not a fan. I’m ambivalent about Valentine’s Day, and since my kids are grown and we don’t have ski week to go on outings, President’s Day holds only mild promise. The weather has been miserable for the most part: … Continue reading

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The story that just. will. NOT. die.

Standard disclaimer: See sidebar. These are my views, not those of my former employer, for whom I am in no way authorized to speak. I am writing from my experience working for an elections division, a worker bee who got … Continue reading

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Note to self, as I sit in the empty classroom: Always, but ALWAYS, check your email before you venture out in chilly 55 degree* moderate rain (heavy for California) on a highway that is nothing but red the whole way, … Continue reading

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Far too many things are going on in the country right now. The media is stretched thin, I am sure. That said, I was disappointed that they spent as much time as they did (too much, really) on the National … Continue reading

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