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A letter I really should send.

Dear Professor: You may wonder why I stalked out of class today. It wasn’t for a doctor’s appointment – I had one, but not until later. Nor was it because my medicine was making me nauseated, like I told you … Continue reading

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Movie review: Beauty and the Beast (Spoiler free)

I saw movie Beauty and the Beast tonight, and some observations forthwith: In the battle of the singing Emmas, it’s Watson 1, Stone 0. And hey, Dan Stevens is pretty good, too! When existing musicals add new songs (to get … Continue reading

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Gallimaufry….   isn’t that the BEST word? That’s because I have the BEST words. I sometimes even use them. (I bet Donald Trump doesn’t know this word. Hell, I had to Google it.) ******** It’s finally happened — I’ve been … Continue reading

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