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The smell of hope.

I have been buying spices from Penzey’s for years. Originally, the Rocket Scientist would have layovers in Minneapolis when he had trips to D.C., and he always brought back spices Penzey’s and clothes from Lands’ End. Then a Penzey’s store … Continue reading

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Keeping despair at bay.

This is going to be one of those most cliched of blog posts: a post about how hard it is to blog right now. My impassioned rant about Bernie Sanders notwithstanding, I struggle to write these days — not that … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders: Self-Appointed Progressive Gatekeeper.

I really wish I could not write about Bernie Sanders. I would love for the self-aggrandizing not-a-Democrat to just crawl back up to Vermont. He’d do a lot less damage to the Democratic Party and, more broadly, the progressive movement, that … Continue reading

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Today I went to the March for Science Silicon Valley in San Jose. I had a great time. I had also gone to the Women’s March in January. The vibe there was fierce, and angry. Today it was determined and … Continue reading

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Saleswoman of the day.

I went into Starbucks for a Strawberry Acai refresher, when my eye caught the picture of the “Unicorn Frappacino.” The young lady behind the register saw me staring at it in horrified fascination, and urged me to get it, saying … Continue reading

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Today’s political musings, in very bad free verse.

It isn’t as though it was ever easy. The things in the rear-view mirror always appeared larger — and clearer — than any of us ever want to admit. We’re human. Humans crave certainty. We crave surety and simplicity, and … Continue reading

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The Stories In the Wine, Part III.

See “Stories in the Wine,” and “Stories in the Wine, Part II.” Jenna switched the channel yet again. CNN to MSNBC to the broadcast networks, cycling through them obsessively. The only one she skipped was Fox News, out of habit … Continue reading

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