Minor victories.

In my last post, I wrote about the tremors. I have brown spots down my shirt right now from trying to carry a half cup of coffee to my room. Not good.

In the past I have loved jewelry making. I had given it up because it was so difficult and frustrating. However, for Christmas I had asked for silver wire. I don’t know what insanity possessed me, but there it was, Christmas morning: 20 gauge, for clasps, 24 gauge for wirework, and even 28 gauge — a size I have never worked with, but which looks interesting.* There was even *gasp* a string of 10 mm round lapis beads.

I have the week off of school (after tanking one project — goddamn formatting issues), and had decided at least one day I would do wirework, at least a little. I was supposed to have a routine medical procedure this morning, but that was canceled, so I had time.

So… I made a bracelet set. Before, this would have taken me at most an hour for the bracelet and five to ten minutes for the earrings. (And at least a third of that time would be design and sizing.) So I had an idea of what it should take.

This took over two and a half hours. I stuck with it, though, even though I am now exhausted. I am thinking that continuing to make jewelry would be a good for of occupational therapy. At any rate, I accomplished something difficult.**

bracelet 2 (1)

For those interested in such things: materials are 20 and 24 gauge sterling silver wire; sterling findings  and 3 mm beads; 8 mm lapis; 8mm cloisonné; and 7mm freshwater pearls. The clasp is hand-made.

Go me.

*For those unfamiliar with wire, the higher the gauge, the thinner the wire.
**Taking the picture wasn’t easy, either: I took maybe ten before I got one that was at least partially in focus.

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