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In my Facebook feed today, a friend innocently used the word “bipolar” to refer to God — specifically the erratic, capricious, and vengeful God worshipped by fundamentalist Christians. She meant no harm, and when I spoke up, she immediately recognized … Continue reading

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Three suggestions.

Can we tone down the “impeachment!” talk? While I think that is where this will end up eventually, a) it is a long way down the road (it’s not like Trump will go gently into that good night), and b) … Continue reading

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The kids are all, for the most part, gone. One is home, but working. One is at school. One, God help me, teaches English… in Seoul, South Korea. [Yet another reason the Trump presidency has been bad for my blood … Continue reading

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I weep for you,’ the Walrus said:       I deeply sympathize.’ With sobs and tears he sorted out       Those of the largest size, Holding his pocket-handkerchief       Before his streaming eyes. Lewis Carroll, “The Walrus and the Carpenter.”   Sometimes enlightenment comes … Continue reading

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Today’s disgruntled political thought.

I am SO tired of election postmortems, from both sides. It’s arguing over who attacked the old man while he is lying on the sidewalk bleeding out. There’s a time and a place, right? And this is not the time … Continue reading

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Notes to self:

Just as you have been contemplating a timer to reduce your Facebook usage, you should use a timer to control your news viewing, even though it’s not every day that the FBI director gets canned.. Speaking of Facebook, don’t make … Continue reading

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Thanking teachers.

I had a less than stellar childhood. When I look back, I had a lot of unhappiness. School should have been a bright spot, and in some ways it was, but in other ways it was horrible. Some people — … Continue reading

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