Notes to self:

  1. Just as you have been contemplating a timer to reduce your Facebook usage, you should use a timer to control your news viewing, even though it’s not every day that the FBI director gets canned..
  2. Speaking of Facebook, don’t make snarky and rude comments about friends of friends. Not that you care what the friend of the friend thinks, but you do really care what your friend thinks.
  3. When using a new cleanser, use it only on your face, rather than also on your eyelids, even though it is ostensibly safe for such. That way, when the hives show up, it will only be your face that itches like crazy, not also your eyes.
  4. Don’t use two new products at the same time: you never know which one it was. I really liked both of them, too. I guess I’ll have to wait to find the special product that will make me look like I was thirty-five again.
  5. Having to have someone drive you to school because you are doped up on Benadryl is a pain for everyone involved. Especially since you can’t miss class because you are going to miss two classes when you go to Spain, and you’ve already missed one when you saw Hamilton. Not that I would have missed Hamilton for the world (not even for Spain). You are already having to beg the teacher for one absence over the two allowed. Fortunately, you have a sterling attendance and homework record.
  6. God, class is going to seem long tonight. I just hope I can remain coherent.
  7. Why aren’t you writing more?
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