Three suggestions.

  1. Can we tone down the “impeachment!” talk? While I think that is where this will end up eventually, a) it is a long way down the road (it’s not like Trump will go gently into that good night), and b) it makes us look like we are more interested in revenge than justice. Let’s face it, even if we successfully impeach the bastard in a year or two, this is a tragedy for our country, and will lead to further division.
  2. Can we stop ruminating on whether or not it would be for the best if we just let Trump ride out his term? I know Mike Pence is not ideal. I know that in some ways he represents a threat to the country. Trump, however, represents a threat to the entire world.
  3. And something I have wanted to say for a year and a half: can we FINALLY stop talking about Trump’s appearance? Who gives a damn if he’s orange? He’s a fucking psychopath! If it’s not okay to make fun of Hillary’s clothing choices, it shouldn’t be okay to mock Trump’s complexion.

After all, it’s not like there aren’t a lot of other things — substantive things — about him for us to mock.

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