Viva La France!

Viva la France!

While not my favorite European country (Spain holds that honor) I have always loved France. And the French people have now justified my belief that, on the whole, they’re smarter than Americans. (Yes, I know, I’m being unpatriotic.)

So Emmanuel Macron won. Hurrah! Attempts to discredit his campaign by stealing and then publishing scores of documents from them failed.

My favorite part of the whole Macron/computer hacking is how smart the Macron campaign was. According to the Daily Beast, as reported by Daily Kos, * they saw the threat coming and took preventive action. They mixed false items in with the true; they compromised the operation of the bâtards who stole and then leaked their information. They seemed to have learned from the American debacle; they heeded signs that the Russians were seeking to destabilize and corrupt their elections; they took action. (Marine Le Pen getting money from Putin was a sure sign that he was in her corner.)

We can learn from the French. We can stop the meddling in our elections, by Russia and anyone else. I give the Russians this, they’re extremely aggressive and competent at cyber warfare.

I also suspect that even without the efforts of the Macron campaign, the French would have put less credence in the leaked documents than the Americans seem to have.  At any case, they were smart enough not to put a radical Islamophobe in the Presidency.

I would never move to France (can’t speak the language, for one thing; more importantly, I love the US too much), but I am sure glad it’s there. Good going, guys.

*”I’ve read the Daily Beast article, I’m just having trouble linking to it right now.

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