Why I marched.

A letter sent to Dianne Feinstein’s office, who was collecting stories about why women participated in the marches:

I marched in the San Jose March, even though I have fibromyalgia and was only able to walk half-way. I marched for people with disabilities. I marched to support Planned Parenthood and the right of women everywhere to control their own bodies. I marched in support of my Muslim, African-American, LGBT — and other — sisters and brothers. I marched for all the people who are going to lose health insurance when the ACA is completely gutted. I marched for all the DACA kids who trusted their government enough to come out of the shadows, who now wonder how long it will be before they are deported. I marched for the environment.

Mostly, though, I marched for the truth.

Whatever decisions we make for ourselves first and foremost have to be grounded in the factual truth of the world around us. We have a President who believes — and who has surrounded himself with others who mirror this belief — that truth does not matter, that reality is a construct to be molded into whatever shapes he wants. That we live in a “post-fact” world, where “alternative facts” that are not facts at all are perfectly  acceptable. That lying — not spinning, not misstating — absolutely demonstrable LYING does not matter because most people in America don’t care.

I marched to show him he’s wrong.

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