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Tim Fouts of the country a cappella group Home Free, about the Westboro Baptist Church: “I personally prefer ladies, but I’d kiss a dude to piss them off.” (He also said, “I’m not celebrating those misguided idiots, I’m just happy … Continue reading

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Movies: facing the past.

On Tuesday, I saw Hidden Figures, about three African-American women who fought bigotry and misogyny to become important figures at NASA. It’s a great movie, and a story that needs to be told. And, like Selma, I found it difficult … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“Our democracy has been hacked.” Al Gore. (Yes, I know that it is also the tag line for the show Mr. Robot, but Gore said it first.)

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A cautionary tale. Sort of.

It was a late night in September, and I was restless. I was also stoned on pain medication. That’s a bad time to buy things. Unfortunately, the Internet can’t tell you “Hey, it sounds like you need to go get … Continue reading

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