A cautionary tale. Sort of.

It was a late night in September, and I was restless. I was also stoned on pain medication. That’s a bad time to buy things. Unfortunately, the Internet can’t tell you “Hey, it sounds like you need to go get some sleep.”

What to do? Wait! I thought. Let’s get a new theme for the blog! And let’s get one of the new hotsy-totsy ones that you have to pay for. And it will get rid of the ads at the same time. (I am not so dogmatic about ads as I once was — free sites have to pay for their services somehow — but I have seen too many instances where the ad on the blog post was either incongruous or was something the blogger would never have promoted.)

So I signed up,  only to discover that the fee did not cover the themes, that I would need to pay for those separately. Rats. The ads, though, should have disappeared.

I also got a domain name. It took me a while to get around to setting it up, but from now on, this blog is at WildWindsFortune.com.

Now I just need business cards….

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1 Response to A cautionary tale. Sort of.

  1. Les Addison says:

    yay for pretty new bloggings!

    Having read your “info” sidebar, I feel the need to comment that I would use the subjunctive if it were appropriate.

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