Ah, yes, the hallowed halls of Academe.

I am currently taking classes at a local community college, for reasons I don’t really want to go into right now, perhaps stupidly taking a full courseload (12 units for this semester).  I am (re)discovering several things about myself:

  1. My community college is one of the best in the country, and  I take irrational pride that my string of well-regarded institutions of higher learning continues, even if I didn’t actually have to do anything but fill out a form to get admitted.
  2. Laptops make doing schoolwork (especially papers) so much easier. How did we ever live without Google?
  3. I still get bored during movies.
  4. I need to record lectures now — trying to write notes isn’t really working for me. (One of my professors won’t let me record lectures. Damn. I am going to go to disability services and explain that my tremor makes taking notes difficult, and then maybe they can get her to let me record lectures. Worth a shot, anyway.)
  5. I can procrastinate on doing homework (like I am right now!) with the best of them. The difference now is that I have a son at home who is more than willing to nag me about homework and studying. I think he gets joy out of this: payback’s a bitch, sometimes.
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2 Responses to Ah, yes, the hallowed halls of Academe.

  1. Sarah says:

    If they can’t get her to let you record lectures, they can probably (and should) provide you a note taker. Actually, if notes you didn’t write would be more useful to you, that’s probably an option you could ask for across the board. (The Disability Studies class I took might be the best 3 units I ever did, in some ways.)

  2. matt says:

    Pft, I usually don’t bother with asking — You’re the one paying for the class, so it really isn’t up to the instructor.

    Parenthetically, are you for or against the Oxford Comma?

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