At least there’s some hope.

TCM showed All the President’s Men tonight. I have always loved the climactic scene, where Ben Bradlee says “There’s nothing riding on this except the First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the fate of the whole country.”

I look at what is happening now, the corruption and the  lack of accountability, the blatant disregard of ethics and the rule of law, and how there are indications that the Mueller report will be buried, and how Paul Manafort was looking at a minimum of 19 years and got 47 months instead, and how fully a third of the country still supports Trump, and I despair. And then I remember…

We have the Washington Post. And the New York Times. And Politico. And CNN. And msnbc. And the broadcast networks.

They can’t save us. But maybe they can find us the ammunition so that we can save ourselves.

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