I had planned to spend a lot of time writing this evening, and this month in general.  Friday was the first day of NaNoWriMo, and while I have not participated in years (I have neither the attention span nor the talent to develop coherent plot) I do try to celebrate November by doing at least a little writing.  I was hoping this year to write 50k words in some format.  Much, I hoped would be here (although you guys might be really bored by the time I was finished), but some in other projects.

I had two projects over the spring and summer which, if I had waited, would have given me a head start of about 11K on the fifty required.  It was important to finish them, however, both for personal reasons and because one of them was written for publication. (I may discuss that in a separate post.)

As for the writing, blogging is really the format which mosts suits me. I am terrible at plotting (the one attempt I made at writing a novel was laughable), but more than that I need closure and to move on.  With an attention span like mine (“Squirrel!”), long form writing — fiction or not — requires more discipline than I can seem to muster.  But short essays, or observations on life, are things which I enjoy.  More than simply enjoy; when I am emotionally strong, it is something I need to do, am compelled to do.  I am not sure that this counts as writing, but it is something.

When I am doing it right, I am thoughtful and thorough in my research and reasoning.  I don’t do it right nearly often enough, but I do sometimes.  During NaNoWriMo, or whatever version of it I am choosing to follow, quantity is far more important than quality.  So over the next month, you may see a lot of writing that is, shall we say, less than scintillating. I shall try not to be too boring, and keep melodramatic navel-gazing to a minimum.

I do have a trouble with emotional exhibitionism, however, a bit.  Blogging does nothing to keep that in check.  I need to write more substance; and there is a lot of substance out there to write about.

Tonight, though, writing may be a bit difficult.

I fell yesterday while precinct walking for candidates for the Sunnyvale City Council.  (No, I don’t live in Sunnyvale.  I still support these guys because I live in the city next door, and it is important to have intelligent folks in charge.) I sprained my ankle, which was evident immediately.  What I discovered later was that I had pulled a rib muscle.  (Actually, I rehurt the rib: last weekend it was bothering me, but had gotten better.) It hurt.  Today, though, I swallowed 800 mg of ibuprofen, and went in to work. After an hour, I decided that my rib and my ankle hurt enough that I would not be productive, so I left home.

After I got home, I remembered that I needed to drop a utility payment in the box at City Hall.  So I went out, planning to grab more ibuprofen and Klonopin or whiskey (hey, it’s not Vicodin, but it works) after  I got home.  I was walking across the plaza in front of City Hall when my heel caught on the edge of a very small step, the red strip at  the edge making the step look narrower than it was.

I fell very hard.  I could hardly move for the pain in my ribs, and my ankle was turned again. Although I did not actually hit my head on anything, I developed a short headache.  My knees and wrists are scraped.

I got home, and have taken meds.  My ankle (which had a brace on it) seems like it is going to be okay. The brace protected it.  The rest of me, though… the ribs on my right side are the worst.  They are tender to the touch, and moving hurts.  Not bad enough to go to the ER, but certainly bad enough to go to the doctor in the morning.  My arms, shoulders, and neck are also in pain, but the ribs definitely seem to be the worst.

I hope nothing is broken.  Probably not.

This is the fourth time this year I have had a bad fall. I realize that that is not a lot, but the falls have been worse than my usual clumsiness.  I’m just getting older, I suppose.

Of course, writing may help by taking my mind off things.  It’s either that or watch Ken Burns documentaries — either on PBS (currently Prohibition) or on NetFlix. (Just an aside: I have a deep crush on Daniel Okrent.) Or, better yet, listening to podcasts of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

Of course, if I am going to hit that 50K, I am already seriously in the hole.  In order to hit 50,000 words in 30 days, you need to write around 1,700 a day.  So by this time, I should have 5,100 done.  Instead, I have about 1,300, some 3,800 short. which means I need to write an additional 145 words a day, or one additional short post a day.  Undoubtedly, there will be posts whining about work, recipes and menus come the end of the month, as well as more than one “things  I am thankful for” post. (I’m working on that whole “gratitude” thing.)

See what you’re in for?

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