Clarence? Are you there?

While reviewing all my posts to compile my “Pat’s Gratitude Posts,” I realized that I had never finished the assignment  given me by my therapist to find fifty reasons the world was a better place because I was in it.  Between two posts I had compiled thirty-two. Here are a few more:

33.  I have helped elect public officials who will act in the best interest of the public, and worked to pass laws which will benefit society.  The one I am most proud of is Measure D in San Jose, which raised the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour.

34. I have worked to let people know that they have health insurance options, and how to get help.

35. I have developed — and shared — recipes for sour cream chocolate pie and cranberry-pineapple sauce.

36. I have driven hours in support of children’s musical and athletic endeavors.

37.  I have visited a friend in jail (although I think that really only counts as being a good friend, still it is something).

Okay, so I’m down to thirteen. This is really hard.

Oh, and a bit of context — I should have explained this in the first post, but the title of these posts comes from It’s a Wonderful Life,  in which Clarence the Angel shows George Bailey how much of a difference he has made in the world.

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