It is a beautiful day.  I have been lazy in it.  I have been lazy for the past six days, since election night ended my temporary employment.

I miss work.  I miss the people I work for, and especially the people I work with.  I miss the work, and the sense of purpose it gave me.  I am even beginning to miss the pizza.

 But just today I am filled with a sense of wonder at the world around me.  Even my annoyance at having to deal with Fry’s has not killed that.  Even the Internet being as slow as escargot has not dimmed that sense that it is possible for the world to ne a good and welcoming place. 


I am sitting at (where else?) one of my Starbucks – the one in Palo Alto just off the Stanford Campus, and it is light and airy.  It feels like home, again.

Have you ever thought about the blue sky? Or light? Or the sound of people’s voices?  Or why music affects us?  What in us is designed to respond to these things?

On days like this, it is very easy to believe in God.

 The essence of faith is, of course, believing in God during the darkness of the soul.  I find that impossible – at least in the past few years – which is why I no longer call myself a Christian.  It saddens me:  faith is a comfort.  I do not go so far as to say that God does not exist, simply that I cannot find Him far too much of the time.


 But today, I choose to believe that all of this cannot be an accident of the universe.  I may be deluding myself, but then I have suffered from deeper, more damaging delusions in my life. 


 It’s all good, in the end.


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