Adventures in retail.

Note to Canon:

If you presume to sell the public a “combo pack” of ink and paper, do us all a favor and include ALL the cartridges the printer needs?  Otherwise we have to ask obnoxious, ignorant salespeople to price out the separate cartridges individually, which is a pain in the butt.



Note to salesman at Fry’s Electronics:

Unless I ask you what ink my printer takes, do NOT presume to tell me that I have picked up the wrong ink. All you needed to do was tell me the price of the damn cartridges, since your shelves are in complete chaos and whatever prices are listed there seem to have no relation to what you’re charging, as was obvious when you did bother to look it up.  For your information, my printer takes two different black ink cartridges, each with slightly different numbers.  If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed that the black ink cartridge I picked up shared the same number as the colors in the combo pack, while the black in the combo pack had a different number.  I have had this printer for years and know quite well what ink it needs.

Oh, and you other Fry’s salesman?  About following me when I said I wanted help with ink, and then abandoning me halfway to the ink aisle for a woman who said she needed help buying a computer?  NOT cool. I realize you are probably on commission, but this sort of crappy customer service loses your employer customers.



Note to Self:

Don’t shop at Fry’s Electronics.


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