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Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

There are times when the jokes are just too easy. Except for the horrible impact on women’s reproductive rights, of course.

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Dear WordPress;  telling me I can paste text from Word, is great.  Messing up the spacing on that text, not so great.  Not letting me edit the text, abysmal.

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The kids are all right. I will be too.

It is August.  The school year will be starting in a couple of weeks. It will be my family’s last school year. The Red-Headed Menace will be a senior next year.  I will never have to go to Back-To-School Night, … Continue reading

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Loving my neighbor.

I have been thinking the past few days about the Bible.  In particular, about the phrase “love your neighbor as yourself.”  I have heard far too many people say this who clearly have no idea of what it means. For … Continue reading

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It is a beautiful day.  I have been lazy in it.  I have been lazy for the past six days, since election night ended my temporary employment. I miss work.  I miss the people I work for, and especially the … Continue reading

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Adventures in retail.

Note to Canon: If you presume to sell the public a “combo pack” of ink and paper, do us all a favor and include ALL the cartridges the printer needs?  Otherwise we have to ask obnoxious, ignorant salespeople to price … Continue reading

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