The title of my blog (from Man of La Mancha, for those of you who do not follow Broadway) is to some extent appropriate. While in many ways my life has been pretty unremarkable (I really haven’t done anything of note), I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively in Europe and the U.S. I have been to forty-five out of fifty states, and to seventeen countries on four continents. Finishing my art museum bucket list alone required going to six different countries.

Why I bring this up now is to explain my changing header photo. I have my blog set to produce a random picture every time you check the blog. I am using pictures from places I have been. Unfortunately, I tend to take pictures vertically, which means I do not have a lot of horizontal pictures to choose from. I have several photos from Paris, and one from Brussels, and various locations (mostly beaches)  in the U.S., and one of my favorites (“Hemingway never ate here”) from Madrid. I have asked The Rocket Scientist to send me photos from other countries we have visited together. I hope to make the header a record of travels, of a sort.

“Withersoever they blow,” indeed.

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