I went to a Straight No Chaser concert last Saturday.  A trip on to iTunes to pick up some of their music (no, I didn’t buy all their CDs at the concert — just Under the Influence, the latest) also reminded me of the first a capella group I fell in love with, Rockapella.  They’re so wonderful that, in addition to their signature song, the theme to “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” (best kids quiz show ever)*, I bought a copy of their version of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” and … “It’s a Small World.”

That’s right, the annoying song from the Disneyland ride.  The ear worm from hell. They make it sound jazzy and fun.  I found myself singing along, something I normally don’t do when I am wearing headphones.  Railfan broke in, saying that the song had scarred him for life, which I thought a bit hyperbolic.

My kids, drama queens just like their mother.

*While looking for a YouTube video of the song, I ran across the last episode of the show.  (The late Lynn Thigpen was, as usual, wonderful as The Chief.) The last place they “visited” in catching WonderRat, the villain of the day?  The west coast of Florida.  Places like the Sunshine Skyway, Clearwater Beach, Tampa Stadium — the places of my childhood.  This made me inordinately happy.

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