Today, to go with the strained ligaments and the resulting crutches, I now have a bruise on my left wrist where a coworker nearly backed over me as I was getting my crutches out of the trunk of his car. On the good side, I only had to spend a couple of hours in the Stanford ER before they discovered it was not broken, only bruised.

And today, I have bruises under my arms from beginning to use the crutches.  I can’t use the crutches in the house — the passageways are too narrow — so I have to spend a lot of time not really moving.  I am really tired today, perhaps because of the physical exertion of getting around and just the stress of the past couple of days, so napping is good.

I am, however, looking forward to using the crutches to develop the strength in my arms and upper back.  I also think that if I can find a warm pool to walk in — where I can move and strengthen my quads but where I am not putting weight on my knee — I’ll be in good shape.  I am almost excited about the prospect.


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