I just screamed at the cat, poor thing. She had stepped on my leg.

I strained the medial collateral ligament in my left leg in December.  It did not heal, so in February I started physical therapy.  I got better.

I fell down at a track meet in March, straining my left hamstring and left lateral collateral ligament.  Physical therapy continued, and I got better.

Earlier this week, I slid on a plastic coat hanger I failed to see I had dropped, crashing to my knees.  My left knee seemed swollen and sore, but not too bad until last night and today, when I was almost in tears.

I went to the doctor this afternoon.  I have restrained all three.

He told me to stay off of my feet for several weeks until it healed.  When I told him flatly that that wasn’t going to happen, we agreed on crutches, which I hunt down tomorrow.

This sucks.

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