*Now* you tell us.

Dear Sandra Day O’Connor:

Don’t you think it is a little late to come to the conclusion that SCOTUS should never have granted cert. in Bush v. Gore?  As in, twelve years which saw a major terrorist attack on American soil resulting in 3,000 dead, two wars and the total trashing of American civil liberties, not to mention the erosion of America’s moral standing in the world,  too late?

I would have a great deal more sympathy for your position had you not been such a Republican hack at the time.  I know you may well regret the black mark that this decision represents on your role  in history, but that’s no excuse.  Nothing has changed in the essentials of the law in the past twelve years to make the decision any worse than it was at the time.

You and four of your compatriots screwed the country royally, and there is far too much water under the bridges we burned both at home and abroad to allow me to give you a pass here simply because you have had second thoughts.

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