Reality bites, sometimes.

I had a job fair this morning: bleh.  Both the guys I talked to looked completely bored and like they would rather be anywhere but there.

I had a later “informational interview” at 1:00 at SJSU.  I was a bit stressed, going in, and then spent twenty minutes driving all around the campus (say it with me: Google Maps suuck), followed by another twenty minutes hobbling around campus following students who were surprisingly clueless about where things were.

I got to the room just as the interviewers were walking away.  I had figured this would happen — I was planning to leave a resume anyway.  I started to smile at them and then…

The pain hit.  A lot of pain.  I have a strained medial ligament in my left knee which (after spending Saturday climbing up and down stairs at a track meet) has been continually sore and sporadically excruciating.  When I am focused on a goal, I overlook signs of increasing trouble, but when I stop, oh, boy…

Tears came to my eyes, not from the disappointment but because my leg hurt like a bitch. The recruiters looked embarrassed, as though they did not know what to do with this candidate who seemed to be (but was not really) falling apart in front of them. The woman smiled gently and took my resume and left her card, but I am pretty sure that my resume got tossed as soon as they got into the room where they were reviewing them.  (The job involved a lot of customer contact and ability to work under pressure.  I can work under pressure, but I have a harder time working in pain, especially when it takes me by surprise.)

I babbled something at them — pain often compromises one’s ability to act with aplomb.  I certainly didn’t tell them about the pain.  I didn’t know how, and besides, it wasn’t really relevant, was it?  I screwed up by not scouting out the place two days before so I knew where I was going.

Oh, well.  Time to head off for my last interview of the day.  I hope this goes better than the others.

ETA, 3:55 pm:  WOW, that was quick.  I’ve already gotten a “our client has decided we’re not interested in your services” email.  At times like this, it is very hard not to feel overwhelmed by a complete sense of incompetence.

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1 Response to Reality bites, sometimes.

  1. Geri says:

    Many sympathies, what a difficult thing to have to contend with! I know how hard you have been working to line up these interviews. Good luck with the 3rd…

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