Sunday afternoon.

So, I am lying on my bed under the influence of Vicodin — which I am not supposed to take because the acetaminophen in it is contraindicated with some of the other meds — because the strained ligament in my left knee (which now has been iced off and on for the past several hours) has gotten much worse after wandering around yet another track meet yesterday and now hurts like a freaking bitch, with a headache even though I’m on Vicodin, watching Looney Tunes DVDs and trying to keep myself from buying the complete works of Jonathan Coulton off of iTunes (having already bought Todd Snider’s “Beer Run” and Randy Newman’s “Sail Away”) and making myself stop after getting “Ikea,” “Code Monkey,” “The Princess who Saved Herself,” and the song that started it all off, “Baby Got Back (In the Style of ‘Glee’)” and trying not to freak out by the fact that I have an actual honest-to-God callback tomorrow (a callback?  can you believe that?) for a job that may be only an admin but is at the coolest place ever and how can I go for my callback/skills test if I can hardly walk?

What’s up with you?

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