I can’t write about the Connecticut shooting yet.  I have very strong feelings about gun control (I was part of the Million Mom March a few years ago), and right now my head is simply screaming “Why does this surprise us anymore?” and “Oh, my God, those poor children (and adults.)” I cannot say anything that would be worth reading.

But others can:

David Atkins at Hullabaloo: Politicizing the Tragedy (Again)

Jennifer Margulies: What Will You Say to Your Kids About the School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut?

From Erik Loomis over at Lawyers, Guns and Money, a not particularly profound piece but one that captures the screaming voices in my head exactly:  Responsibility

Edited to add: and a very important post about the impact incidents like this have on the stigma against the mentally ill: When You Tie Shootings to Mental Illness, by Kate Donovan.

Observations from a couple of my friends:

“Why are Americans so profoundly concerned with proclaiming the right to access guns, and so profoundly unconcerned with the right to access mental health care?” Rebecca Wald.

“To everyone who is saying ‘Today isn’t the day to discuss gun control,’ I ask you this: how many children being shot will make it time?” R. J. Johnson

And then, unfortunately, there is this: Pastor Claims God Could Have Prevented This, But Didn’t.  Bryan Fischer, my God finds you to be an asshole.

Finally, I tend to agree (somewhat) with the Onion, “Fuck Everything, Nation Reports.”

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