I am excited — I have a ticket to hear Sonia Sotomayor on January 28th in Redwood City.

I generally find myself agreeing with most of her decisions.  I have great respect for the hard work she had to do to get to where she is now.   But mostly, she gets cool points from me for appearing on Sesame Street.  Twice.

On her first visit, she settled a dispute over broken furniture.

To tell the truth, Sotomayor kind of blew the call on that one.  Aside from the jurisdictional issue, Goldilocks was clearly guilty of criminal trespass on Baby Bear’s house. The young lady needs to learn not to simply enter into other people’s property without their approval, or she may find herself in trouble once she is old enough to be tried as an adult.*

On her second visit, she explains the word “career” to the young Muppet named Abby.

Lovely.  Sotomayor explains that being a princess is not a career.  She says girls can be a lot of different things, and what her career is.  She really is a role model.

What has Scalia done that’s so cool?

*Top YouTube comment: “Bear vs. Locks: A person or party may be afforded the right to trespass within private property, and while in said private property, the trespasser’s legal obligation to duty of care is waived under the condition that said trespasser is reasonably able to provide manual labor as full compensation for negligent injuries or property damages in which the trespasser is directly or indirectly at fault.”

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    Those are adorable!-rs

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