I’m sort of blue tonight.  Partly it is the rain which has been falling off and on all day. More than that, I am trying to find a solution for an ongoing issue, and the results of my introspection are leading me down roads I don’t want to go — but to places where I need to be in the end.  Mourning the aftermath of the decisions I haven’t quite made yet but which I can see are inevitable takes a toll on the psyche.

I need comfort food.

A little Sondheim is always in order: I’m listening to Sondheim! The Birthday Celebration.  It seems to be helping — surely more than watching the DVD of the last performance of Rent would. (Although Patti Lupone’s tendency to sing flat on “A Little Priest” does get on my nerves.)  Maybe after this, I’ll queue up A Celebration at Carnegie Hall.

Figuring out answers will just need to wait until tomorrow.

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