The Rocket Scientist and I flipped a coin over which movie we would go to see tonight, and I lost.  So instead of going to see Daniel Day-Lewis be grave and presidential in Lincoln, we went to see Skyfall. I liked it much better than I expected to.

I am not a James Bond fan — I generally only see the movies when dragged to them.  I was relieved that I ended up getting called out of Quantum of Solace because of a sick kid — at least I was once I ascertained that the kid was not really sick, but just very anxious, and I was able to calm him down.  I never did end up seeing the rest of the movie, which is fine by me.  From an earlier Bond era, A View to A Kill is one of the very few movies I have ever walked out of in my  life. I met the hoopla around the franchise turning 50 with a sincere “Who cares?”

I had no intentions of seeing Skyfall.

But I liked it.  In addition to suspense, which I expected, it had humor, which I did not.  There were also great actors (Judy Dench, Ralph Fiennes), eye candy (Daniel Craig, and the actor who played Q, not to mention London and Scotland, both wonderful places), and Javier Bardem, who seems to be making a career of being the most bad-ass villain imaginable.

My favorite line of the entire movie? “What makes you think it would be my first time?”  It doesn’t seem funny here, but in context it’s great.

In fact, I only had one gripe, because I am that person who nitpicks things to death. It doesn’t matter much, so I feel comfortable griping about it here, but in respect to people who get annoyed about spoilers, it is in a footnote behind a cut.  (If you’re reading in the RSS feed, sorry.)

So, in general, a very good movie.  I highly recommend it.
*Komodo dragons do not kill people as they are shown in the movie.  They bite their prey once or twice and then track it as it develops and dies from massive bacterial infections. Their mouths are cesspits of very nasty organisms — they’ll kill you, but they will take a couple of days to do so.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just saw it last night 🙂 I enjoyed it lots, approximately as much as I enjoyed listening to the two computer geeks next to me going apoplectic at the inaccuracies in Q's work.But Q is indeed cute, in a twink-ish sort of way. And Jonah and I simultaneously noticed what was featured on his coffee mug… a list of the points value of all of the Scrabble tiles. Which Q would surely have memorized anyway, but… we still approved.As far as eye candy, I liked Naomie Harris (Eve) best.Javier Bardem… much more gorgeous with his natural hair color; I'm so glad I saw him in Biutiful and Eat Pray Love before I saw him in this one. He was way squicky in this one, which I guess means that he succeeded in his role.And I loved the line "What makes you think it would be my first time?" as well. Though that was one hell of a difficult scene to watch otherwise.- love, the currently-not-in-residence shrink

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