Proof that my youngest child is, in fact, forty-five:

He likes goat cheese and discussing politics.

He enjoys tea and wants to start collecting handmade teacups.

He loves showtunes, and knows the words to nearly as many of them as I do.

He saw Titanic before I did.*

He has a large and somewhat esoteric vocabulary, at least for his alleged chronological age.**

And the final proof? This morning he said he wanted a shiatsu massage chair for Christmas.

* Titanic came on television, and he came in the room. “I can tell you how it ends,” I smirked. “The boat sinks.” “The boat sinks,” he replied gravely, “and the man she is in love with…..[not revealed here in case someone hasn’t seen the movie]. I’ve seen this already.” And he left the room, leaving me speechless. I’m still not sure where he saw the movie.

** He has a passion for monotremes, and it confuses his grade school teachers, several of whom did not know what a monotreme was. (They do now.) He is especially fond of echidnas, and wants to own one when he grows up.

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  1. Geri says:

    Yeah, he definitely has a zest for expanding his vocabulary. Today at the movie theater he asked me to define various words that the characters said onscreen, such as futon, carpool, and crossdresser.

  2. Pat Greene says:

    He knows what a carpool is — and I would have thought a futon. Except, no. I guess it has been quite a while since we moved the futon out to the garage for storage.

    And crossdresser would not be something he’s been exposed to. It will be amusing to see if he can work that word into conversation over the next few days.

    I don’t know if he still remembers it, but last year he was able to use the word “solepcism” in a sentence. He had wanted to get a comedy routine from the Hitchiker’s Guide movie onto his iTunes, and I said that before he did he would have to demonstrate that he knew what all of the long words meant and use them in a sentence.

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