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RIP, Molly

Molly Ivins died of breast cancer yesterday. Damn. She was only 62. Way too young. I can’t eulogize her. I’m still in shock, and besides, she speaks for herself, in all the myriad words she wrote “afflicting the comfortable” and … Continue reading

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While I was trying to make dinner last night, on a day when I was in the midst of amassing more miles than a Boston cab driver on a good night, I kept getting bombarded with questions by my offspring, … Continue reading

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The long fight is over.

This is the obituary I’ve been waiting to write for six months — which was at least five months too long. Barbaro has finally been put down. It seems the whole country was pulling for him to make a miraculous … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again….

Woo hoo! The pro football (that’s American football, none of this soccer stuff) conference championships are this weekend. And this year, the choices are pretty easy for me. None of my favorite teams (Bucs, Dolphins, Raiders) made the playoffs. But … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President…

I saw how in that interview with Jim Lehrer the other night you said we Americans “sacrifice peace of mind when they see the terrible image of violence on TV every night.” You went on to say that “the psychology … Continue reading

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"In Summer and in Winter I shall walk…"

Most war poetry speaks to the situation of the soldier. One of the most subtle speaks to those left behind: Patterns I walk down the garden paths, And all the daffodils Are blowing, and the bright blue squills. I walk … Continue reading

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"To children ardent for some desperate glory…."

[Note: as of December, 2010, this post was by far the most viewed on my blog. People get here through Google Searches, usually for the phrase “children ardent for some desperate glory.” If this describes you, I would strongly urge … Continue reading

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Odds ‘n’ ends.

My friend Jen has seen the light, and now has a blog of her own, Small Moments of Grace. Jen is thoughtful, faithful, honest, and writes well. She also knits — really knits, not just makes funny motions with yarn … Continue reading

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On a serious note….

Growing up in Florida, of Southern parents, and then living later in Atlanta, I have never bought the contention that bigotry is solely a Southern phenomenon. Over at Orcinus, Dave Neiwert has a piece on “Sundown Towns” and the horrific … Continue reading

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Food for thought.

When I gave food to the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor were hungry, they called me a communist. Dom Helder Camara This week I’m worried about fruit. We’ve had a cold snap, with … Continue reading

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EchidnaQuest 2006, Part II

EchidnaQuest Part I, here. The fateful day arrived. Echidna Boy could hardly contain his excitement. We arrived relatively early at the zoo, and there were already long lines for tickets. Going to major tourist attractions during the week between Christmas … Continue reading

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EchindaQuest 2006, part I

My youngest son is insanely obsessive about echidnas. They are his favorite animals. He can tell you all about them. Where they live (Australia and New Guinea), what climate they like (temperate), how they give birth (leathery eggs like reptiles, … Continue reading

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Virginia Woolf was right about a lot of things. Mainly about how life can interfere with the creative process. I have a room of my own — more or less — but there is no place to write in there, … Continue reading

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