You may notice a slight change in my profile. My good friend from college, Jane*, has been insisting for a while now that I remove the word “former” in front of “lawyer.”

“You think like a lawyer,” she said. “You write like a lawyer. You think and write differently than you did before you went to law school. Face it, you’re going to be a lawyer until the day you die.”

She may be right. In any case, I promised her I would I would change my profile. It’s nice to have people appreciate my writing.

Now If I could only remember to proofread like a lawyer.

*Jane is a litigator. I think she’s wonderful, but I would never want to face her in a courtroom.

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4 Responses to Identities

  1. Serene Vannoy says:

    Eh. Leave the proofreading to us editors. You keep being your lawyerly self. 🙂

  2. Mary Helen Miller says:

    I am a recovering lawyer…uh, legal editor.

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