One side effect of this quarantine is how much more I see of my friends on Facebook. Not that I am spending more time on Facebook (if anything a bit less) but they are spending more. (Probably due to to increased time at home, given the quarantine.) And the more I read their posts (including what they link to) the more I realize that…

My friends are awesome.

Not merely in the “Great” or “Terrific” sense of the word but in the deeper “fills me with awe” meaning. They are those other things as well, but what I like about them most is the way they live in the world.

They are variously funny, thoughtful, compassionate, gentle, honest, fascinatingly creative, righteously angry, appropriately sarcastic. Some of them are spiritual, but not the empty spirituality of some (not all) organized religion. Even those who are religious are respectful of those who are not.

They want the world to be a better place.

I can’t think of a better group of people to be friends with.

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