A superhero for our age.

I am taking a edx.com course on “Superheroes and Their Impact on Pop Culture.” Part of the “creative track” is to create your own superhero. I have.

Her name is Cassandra.* Like her mythical namesake, she sees the future. Unlike her namesake, she is often (although not always) believed. She can touch an object or a person and know its (or their) whole history. She has telekinesis, albeit over a short range, which comes in handy. She also has telepathy and the ability to plant suggestions in minds, but she chooses not to use those powers. She sees how easily she could slide into the darkness — the example of Kilgrave is forever before her, and unlike him, she is no psychopath. She fears what she would become.

She cannot fly, or repel bullets. She doesn’t have a suit or shield made of vibranium, and she cannot swing from building to building. She does not have a lasso of truth, or a cool looking car. She is very mortal.

But she is strong and unafraid. She weeps for the world, often, but she is at heart an optimist. She sees that, in the very long run, the moral arc of the universe does indeed bend towards justice. She views her mission in life to be helping that bending happen faster.

She is not me.

She has the superpowers I would ask for myself — especially optimism.** I am not optimistic. I am not strong, and I am oh so afraid.

I like her.

(Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s paintings of Jane Morris generally leave me a bit cold, but I like this one.)

*The Red-Headed Menace has informed that there already is a character in comics called Cassandra. Since most of my knowledge of superheroes comes from movies, I haven’t seen her. Oh, well.

**To tell the truth, I would also like to be invisible. I think it would be useful.

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