Life’s a thing.

I know I have not been writing in a while. I had actually been working on a third post about the Mueller report — about how totally frightening was the Russian interference in our election, not merely on the social media side, and how they disrupted the entire fabric of American society. We’re at war, even if there are people too dense to understand that or too venal to admit it.

I am sorry that I have not finished writing about the Mueller report like I promised. I really regret it.


The “complex” migraines have been frequent and very problematic. In addition to causing dizziness and difficulty standing, they exacerbate my already scattered attention. (Many days I rely on Lyft to get me places. As much as I have trouble with their business model, they are a godsend in an area with spotty taxi service. They’ve been more reliable than the taxis I have taken here.) Furthermore, the issue is even more complicated by me having fallen down when I was in San Diego for the Red-Headed Menace’s graduation, slamming my head into a concrete wall and sustaining a concussion. Reading complicated things makes me fuzzy-headed.

And the tremors have gotten worse. I have started using a mouse, which helps, but typing is slow and difficult. I know that there are large key keyboards but I have yet to get one. I did get an extended Mac keyboard, which worked except that I kept accidentally hitting one of the function keys and making it so it didn’t work unless I went back into the System Preferences and selected it. It’s a pain.

On the personal side — as I said, the Red-Headed Menace graduated. Hurray! I am very proud of him.

The Not-So-Little Drummer Boy is visiting home from abroad. I am once again reminded how much I enjoy talking with him. I will miss him when he goes back. As far as I can tell, he is going to be settling down many time zones away. I am proud of his decision to go out into the world, but I am sad that I won’t see him very much.

I have not been on Facebook very much, in part to keep from getting more depressed than I normally do this time of year. It is summer, after all, with all that entails for me. I do go to trivia, however, because it is an important social outlet for me and because while I can’t read a complicated legal report I can remember odd little factoids.

But I am going to hopefully be working in a month or so. I am not going to go into it now, but I have submitted all the work for the background check. There is always a possibility that they decide not to hire me, but I am cautiously optimistic.

So hopefully I will get my act together, the fuzzy-headedness will get better, and I’ll be able to write more.

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