No misogyny, no sirree.

Last night, a woman, for the first time in American history, became, essentially, the Presidential nominee for a major political party. It was an amazing feat. So, what did the media — at least that I saw — talk about?

They talked about her male challenger, and his supporters. And how important it was for her to bring them around. Not a word about her supporters, and how hard they worked, and how long they have hoped for this.

She graciously talked about him in her victory speech, praising and congratulating him for his successful candidacy. Her supporters vociferously cheered her statements.

He barely mentioned her, and when he did, his supporters booed her. He did nothing to chastise them or ask them to refrain.

She won more states, more pledged delegates, and many, many more votes than he did. He insists he will go to the convention and do his damnedest to get already pledged superdelegates to renege on their word and go against the will of the people. (So much for populism.)

Throughout his campaign, he and his supporters have demonstrated contempt (and occasionally abuse, at least from his followers) towards her and her supporters.

But no, there’s no misogyny involved. Of course not.

They’re the good guys, after all.


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2 Responses to No misogyny, no sirree.

  1. Geri says:

    So frustrating 😦

  2. Kathy says:

    Keep your eyes on the prize.

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