Captain America: Civil War

Comments about the movie (which I loved):

  1. There is no film, no matter how good (and this one was), that Martin Freeman does not make better by simply being in it, no matter how small the role.
  2. There is no major multi-governmental building anywhere in the developed world, let alone Germany, that does not have backup generators that kick in when the power goes out. Hell, as the Rocket Scientist observed, in Germany the backup generators probably have backup generators.
  3. They finally got Spiderman’s age right.
  4. Given that some of the major characters end up in legal trouble, I think Matt Murdoch (a.k.a. Daredevil) should represent them. I think he could get them off.

One of the ways I can tell it was a good movie is that I find myself mentally writing fanfic about the characters after the movie. Right now, I am imagining Cap and Spidey meeting under different circumstances.

I loved it. It has gotten me hooked on Marvel movies — so much so I want to go find the ones I haven’t seen, especially Avengers: the Age of Ultron, and Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

I can hardly wait for Dr. Strange in November.

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1 Response to Captain America: Civil War

  1. Watching Captain America: the Winter Soldier would have been an important one. The three Captain America movies for a nice trilogy about Steve’s character and development.

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