Dear Senator Sanders…

(Or Bernie. You prefer Bernie, right?)

I saw your interview on Rachel Maddow’s show last night. Good interview, very informative. About halfway through you said (after much pushing by your interviewer to get a clear answer, I might add) that although you thought that the nominee with the largest number of pledged delegates would win the nomination, “there are other factors,” such as electability.

All of which means that your campaign is going to make a play for the superdelegates to win the nomination. My, isn’t that … special.

If that had been your position on the matter all along, well, fine. That’s the process. People aren’t keen on it, but that’s the system we’ve got. Thank George McGovern.

But your supporters — your campaign — spent weeks, months screaming how un-Democratic it was that Hillary Clinton was locking up superdelegates. went so far as to start petitions urging superdelegates to support whoever the nominee was with the most pledged delegates. And now you say you might rely on those same superdelegates to win the nomination.  So much for not being an establishment politician.

Your backers should think twice before talking about how hypocritical Hillary Clinton is, or how she is being “undemocratic.”

Pot, kettle, black.

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