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One nation.

I have been watching far too much political coverage lately. The networks have been ramping up far earlier than they ever have: instead of a day before and a day after a primary, the coverage seems to be nonstop. A … Continue reading

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To quote Hillary Clinton, “The hair is mine; the color’s not.” To be honest, the color is closer to mine than any I’ve had in a few years.  And just look at that Elizabethan forehead. I need to start wearing … Continue reading

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Dear Universe: You don’t owe me anything. You don’t owe anyone anything, but especially me. I know that, all things considered, I have a pretty good life. I have a home, even if right now it needs some paint and for the grass … Continue reading

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“Your country is on fire, and your leaders are whittling sticks for their marshmallows.”

Vote Canada for President!  

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Sometimes you find hope in the oddest places.

I often fight despair about the state of the American public’s critical thinking skills. I worry that, my friends and I aside, the country is sinking into an anti-intellectual abyss. And then, today, I ran across a call to action, … Continue reading

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Look, it’s the green M & Ms!!!*

Years ago, the Rocket Science, curious as to whether anyone would read the computer code that was the main appendix at the end of his doctoral thesis, added a comment halfway through to the effect that he would give a … Continue reading

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Everyone needs affirmation like this.

Railfan is learning driving, and today was his “short road trip.” We went to Casa de Fruta, which is a wonderful drive this time of year, although neither he nor I could look much at the scenery. The traffic was … Continue reading

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