Everyone needs affirmation like this.

Railfan is learning driving, and today was his “short road trip.” We went to Casa de Fruta, which is a wonderful drive this time of year, although neither he nor I could look much at the scenery. The traffic was surprisingly low, but then again we avoided going anywhere near Levi’s Stadium.

Once there, we decided to grab lunch at Casa de Deli. As I was standing at the counter, I noticed one of those metal displays of magnets you see in gift shops and gas stations from   Maine to California. Among the usual suspects extolling the virtues of comestibles (“Coffee is what I drink until it’s late enough to drink wine”; “Chocolate: Nature’s way of making up for Mondays”) and consumer goods (“Money can’t buy love but it can buy shoes”), and the ones that are vaguely self-deprecating (“Of course I can cook. You should taste my cereal”), was what may be my favorite magnet of all time:

“I believe in you, but then I’m only a magnet.”

I almost bought it.*

*It would go along with my favorite bumper sticker: “Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.”

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