Dear Universe:

You don’t owe me anything. You don’t owe anyone anything, but especially me.

I know that, all things considered, I have a pretty good life. I have a home, even if right now it needs some paint and for the grass to be mown (El Níno is helping the drought but is not an unmixed blessing) and is currently undergoing an explosion of some sort of biting insect (I know, because they are biting me). I am out of work, but in all probability will have some in a month or so, and in any case, can get by until then. I have some debt, but nothing too scary, which I believe I can handle. I have people who love me, and grown sons who talk to me (for reasons other than to score gas money). I have health issues, but I don’t have cancer. I may grumble about copays and prescription costs, but I have decent health insurance. Even if it is ancient by Apple standards, I have a laptop that allows me to experience the world. I have a smartphone that allows my directionally challenged self to actually find places I’ve never been. My van may have been in a minor accident recently, resulting in a $200 deductible, but that was a lot less than the original repairs, and GEICO paid for a rental car. Gas is cheap, so I spent a couple of days just driving for fun, using the bluetooth system in the car to listen to my favorite songs.

All of that said….

Please drop something magical in my life. Yes, I know that people need to make their own magic, but I seem to have forgotten how. Please remind me.

Sorry for the whining.


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2 Responses to

  1. Stephanie says:

    That wasn’t whining! It was a brief, eloquent plea for balance.

  2. Kathy says:

    I love you. If that’s magical, then I’m happy. If it’s less than magical, I’m okay with that, too :). But in case I’ve never mentioned it? I am *joyous* that you’re in my life, even though it’s an occasional lunch face-to-face. Because I know that you read me and know me and care about me, too. So there’s that. There are very few people in the world who I feel an affinity to. You are one of them. And I’m thankful for that.

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