The Force Awakens: Questions abound.

[Spoilers, more or less.]

Having seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens more than once* now, I can honestly say I like it. A lot. It’s the movie A New Hope should have been: more interesting plot, better acting**, and much, much better dialogue. It also features a love story between older adults, which you never see in blockbusters.

I think I have a good grip on what’s going on, but I still have questions. Namely:

Is it me, or does everyone speak droid now? How did that happen?

How come the communicators used on Jakku look like mid-90s cell phones, complete with antenna stub?

Why does the Resistance, with all its advanced technology, use data storage that looks suspiciously like a USB flash drive?

Why doesn’t BB-8 get its ball stuck when traveling through sand or leaves? Doesn’t all that grit damage it?

How come a sanitation worker ended up being trained as a stormtrooper? Was it because Finn met the height requirement?

Do horned melon and romanesco broccoli flourish everywhere in the universe, or were they imported?

What the hell is a nerf-herder? Are they licensed by Hasbro?

Where can I get that purple dress that Leia wore when she said goodbye to Rey? And can I borrow the hairstylist that she has to carry everywhere with her to get those intricate styles?

Exactly how many people put in cameos for this movie?

Will I need to sign up for HBO to get my Adam Driver fix?

Which stormtrooper was played by Daniel Craig?

And, most pressing:

Who’s up to see it again? Maybe in IMAX this time?

You buy the popcorn, I’ll bring the Junior Mints. It’ll be fun.

*Four times, to be exact.

**The new actors are very good, and the returning actors are very much better than they were in the original. Part of this is that they are simply better actors now, but it’s also a function of better writing. Mark Hamill wordlessly creates more genuine emotion in the last two minutes of The Force Awakens than he did in all of A New Hope.

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1 Response to The Force Awakens: Questions abound.

  1. Geri says:

    I heard that Daniel Craig played the “I will let you out of these bonds and leave the room while dropping my gun” stormtrooper.

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