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My favorite Voice performances.

I have all this … stuff… I need to write about. Donald Trump and his lawyer, Jonathan Pollard, Bernie Sanders, the Rio Tinto Mining Company’s horrible plans for sacred lands and the general scandal that is the use of public resources … Continue reading

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Dear Rick Santorum: How in God’s green earth did you make through your time in the Senate without learning how the Constitution worked? Either you did, and you are dissembling so that the base will like you (although, to be … Continue reading

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Sigh. Again.

I am beginning to sympathize with honest policemen. What with all the cops who have been implicated in killings over the past few years, it must be hard to be a good cop. I have never doubted that they are … Continue reading

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Espagna. Or Mars, maybe.

[This was a post I wrote while on the road, but didn’t publish, until now.] Today I am in Nerva, Spain. The Rocket Scientist has a project underway at Minas Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto Mine) a few kilometers away. As … Continue reading

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Madrid, I don’t know how to quit you. Or vice versa, as the case may be.

Today. Is. So. Fired. Today really started yesterday, when I got very sick late in the evening. (I was feeling more or less — maybe less — okay, then had paella and a half pitcher of sangria. In my defense…. paella!) … Continue reading

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The pitfalls of “progress.”

Harmondsword is a small, quaint village hard under the approach of planes heading into Heathrow. That would be quaint not in the Disneyland or tourist sense, but in the “good heavens, people actually live in seventeenth century houses!” sense. (Not … Continue reading

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The Hermitage, Louvre, and Orsay: 1997. The Metropolitan (NYC): 2003. The Prado* and the Getty: 2004. The Art Institute of Chicago: 2006. The Uffizi and the Vatican: 2012. The Tate Modern: 2015. This was my list of the Top Ten … Continue reading

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