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Bowers v. Hardwick, upholding the right of states to enact and enforce sodomy laws, 1986. Romer v. Evans, striking down Colorado’s anti-gay constitutional amendment, 1996. Lawrence v. Texas, striking down sodomy laws, 2007. United States v. Windsor, striking down part … Continue reading

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It was a wonderful day.

When I graduated from Wellesley, if you had asked me, I would have said that, following Roe v. Wade, that reproductive rights were safe.  I would also have said that I would not see same-sex marriage legalized in my lifetime. … Continue reading

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Why this matters….

The distinction I made in the last post (evil as opposed to mental illness) matters a great deal.  In a discussion in my Facebook, a friend said “People in their right minds don’t kill other people. Period. Whatever you want … Continue reading

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Let’s get one thing straight….

On Facebook, I have seen people insisting that Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who shot nine people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church had to have been mentally ill because “no one just walks into a church and shoots … Continue reading

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What’s been up with me.

I was sick most of the past sick weeks. I had a viral infection the first week in May during which I ran a fever of 102 or higher for days, followed by viral bronchitis. Over Memorial Day weekend, I … Continue reading

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I stand corrected.

As the Red-Headed Menace and I drove along this afternoon, I began musing on language. “I was looking at the xkcd cartoon about The Martian.  The rollover text said ‘I have never seen a piece of fiction so perfectly capture the … Continue reading

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From the trailer of The Martian: “It would take over four years for another manned mission to reach me, and I’m in a hab designed to last thirty-one days. So, in the face of overwhelming odds, I’m going to have … Continue reading

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Dear owners of American Pharoah, I am so happy for you.  Delighted. Amazed. And you are right, the sport needs heroes, and your horse has claimed a title that seemed like it would be forevermore out of reach.  Fantastic.  However… … Continue reading

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