QOTD, for those in Silicon Valley

Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian, talking about the lack of affordable housing in Mountain View:

“Next time we have a big earthquake, the safest place is to be in Tracy, because as far as I know, every cop, firefighter and nurse lives in Tracy.”

It is worth noting that, in a city with chronic housing shortages, Mountain View is looking to add 40,000 employees in the coming few years, while the city’s general plan (updated in 2012) allows for 8,000 new homes by 2030. Diversity? What’s that? The city does not have a rent control ordinance. At the same city council meeting where SImitian made his comment, a group of Latina mothers spoke.  One said her rent would nearly double when the undergoing renovation of her apartment complex was finished. Source: Mountain View Voice, November 14, 2012.

Already the traffic on local freeways appears (at least to my untutored eye) to be worse than L.A. A trip to work which on a Sunday morning could take fifteen to twenty minutes at most (except on days when the Niners play in their nice new shiny unnecessary stadium built by Santa Clara taxpayers — that’s a rant for a different day), on a weekday around 5:00 p.m. could take over an hour.

(There was also a resident who complained that Mountain View has always been expensive, and people complaining about housing should just suck it up, because God forbid his property values should drop.  Given that the man bought his house in 1968, and that it probably is worth ten times what he bought it for, I think he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The cost of living has gone up a lot since 1968, but I don’t think, housing aside, it has gone up 1000%.)

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