Something crappy has happened. In the big scheme of things it matters to no one but me. The fact that I have nothing to blame but my own serious incompetence makes the heartbreak worse. I am not writing more right now since I typing this on my phone. (I have no internet at home right now, and am on serious amounts of muscle relaxants to cope with a very very painful back, so going out to find wireless is not possible. (Also this post is incoherent because, well, drugs.) I don’t like using my phone as a hotspot unless I need to, mainly because I have large fingers and typing on the phone sucks, and writing can wait.

Please universe, help me find good things right now.

Edited to Add:  To add insult to injury, the post I wrote about what happened was eaten by WordPress

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  1. Geri Weitzman says:

    Sending hugs… and btw I think it is possible for you to use your laptop for internet when Jay’s phone is in use as a hotspot… I am getting good internet clear over in my room on my laptop.

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