I’m still here.

It’s been a long time (okay, two months), since I wrote with any regularity.  I am hoping to change that.

I have been working, which takes up some time, and I have been writing other things, which takes up more.  It is also summer, which…. let’s just say that the season and I are not friends.

I have also been writing other pieces.  One is a chapter in a book on mothering with disabilities, put together by a couple of academics in New York, and the other is a piece on living with disabilities, which I am writing mainly for my doctors but if they think it is any good I am going to try and disseminate it elsewhere.

There is so much to write about:  the momentous last week of the Supreme Court, the shenanigans in the Texas legislature, the BART strike and unionism in general, and the state of the family and the generally amusing interactions with my kids.

I did fail to write a post about my anniversary on July 2d, which was a massive oversight, as it was a decade mark: thirty years.  I wrote a pretty good anniversary post a couple of years ago, though.  However, I do have some recommendations from the Rocket Scientist’s and my short trip:  the Green Gables Inn in Pacific Grove is wonderful, as is the restaurant Passionfish.  And for the fans of Alexander’s in Cupertino, their new restaurant The Sea on El Camino in Palo Alto is even better.  Same amazing quality of food, but the atmosphere is lighter and warmer.  They even have the cotton candy.  (Lime, in our case.)

At any rate, the world still turns and I am still in it, so that is enough to be going on with for now.

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