I don’t understand this.

I got a rejection letter for a job that I had really, REALLY wanted this morning.  It was the standard, “although we are impressed with your credentials, your skills and experience are not compatible with our current job opening,” which reads very much as “yeah, right.”

I had applied for this job four months ago.  I had long ago given up hope that I would actually get it.  I figured that it had been filled, and as is the case in so many job-search related situations, they had just never bothered to tell me. 
I had given up any hope.  So why, why, WHY does this upset me so much?

Is it because it secretly reinforces my belief that I am incapable of work that requires more than a high-school degree?  That I am more or less incompetent?

I know the latter is not true, because I am doing well at my current job (which I have been forbidden to write about).  But it is a temporary position, and I am pessimistic about what happens after that.

Oh, well.  Time to shake it off — I have to go to work.

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  1. couleewind says:

    I understand and very much relate to this post. I’m working on finding work in and I’m just full of nerves and insecurity about each and every resume` I send out.

    We’ll be ok 😉

    Walk in Beauty.

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