Tonight, in addition to the Presidential debates, Cory Doctorow was at a local bookstore, and I really wanted to go to.  So I … went to the Parent Orientation night for the Community College Railfan attends, an event I only found out about when I retrieved the mail this afternoon.

Being a responsible adult just sucks, sometimes.

On the good side, because the glitch in the delivery of the postcards announcing the orientation resulted in twenty-five people at an event that usually draws 200, I was able to both get my questions answered and score both a sweatshirt (for knowing guessing Michael Jordan’s college major) and a travel mug (as a thank you for alerting them to the fact that the postcards were only delivered today).

The highlight of the evening for me was the Dean of Student Affairs talking about how academic disciplinary cases were handled. My favorite of her stories was about one instructor on campus who began each quarter telling students that they were not allowed to use Wikipedia because it was not a reliable source.  He then proceeds to make it an even less reliable source by placing misinformation in articles, the subjects of which he then assigns students to research.

I suppose I should feel sorry for his students caught in this manner, but I don’t.  I do feel somewhat sorry for all the other Wikipedia users out there who may run into the fake information, but then again, this guy isn’t doing anything Stephen Colbert has not done already.*

*This is my very favorite “Word” segment on the Colbert Report.** I would strongly suggest skipping the movie ad.  
**Although I really like this one,  in a similar vein.

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